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Kiseki Institute is a membership community providing group and personalized coaching experiences. We offer our signature 24-week foundational Group Coaching Program with Mariko, utilizing Proctor Gallagher’s methods and approach.


We're here to help you achieve massive transformation and experience results beyond what you've ever imagined possible.  Join our community of like-minded individuals going for their wildest desires yet! Connect, share, engage with other high vibrational thinkers.  Join Academy of Manifestation [Free}


Mariko is a Peak Performance and Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Trainer and has and is currently helping clients all over the world. Our members include a diverse clientele (business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders). Work with Mariko in our programs as well as upcoming events.


Mariko's mission is to help people tap into and bring forth one's infinite potential - teaching those seeking growth how to be, do, and have anything they truly desire - without limits.

Mariko Fujimura, is Founder and CEO of Kiseki Institute. She is a Leading Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, and one of the top 1% of consultants sharing the foundational methods developed by Bob Proctor/PGI to support people to create aligned results, make a positive impact, and experience massive results so they live their higher purpose.


Our vision is to help raise the collective consciousness of humanity by helping individuals understand their infinite potential.


Is based on the philosophy that within each individual, there is a significant potential waiting to be unleashed. 

A massive achievement in life, personal or professional requires just 5% strategy and 95% mindset… do you see, your mind plays a big role in reaching your goals.

At Kiseki Institute our mission is to help people achieve massive transformation and experience results beyond what they’ve ever imagined possible.  We teach those seeking growth how to reach their true desires - without limits. Mariko Fujimura is an 8x member of Bob Proctor's Inner Circle, Proctor Gallagher Institute Silver Pin holder, and she continues to support others to live their desires as one of the top 1% consultants for my mentor Bob Proctor.

Kiseki Institute is a membership community providing group and personalized coaching experiences. We offer our signature 24-week foundational Group Coaching Program with Mariko, utilizing Proctor Gallagher’s methods and approach.

Mariko is a Peak Performance and Transformational Coach, Speaker and Trainer and has and is currently helping clients all over the world. Our members include a diverse clientele (business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders) that are developing their minds to create rapid transformation and success in their lives.


Is in studying the behaviours behind what makes people do what they do. In particular, her interest lies in how one individual may achieve extraordinary heights while another is unable to break free from repeating the same results year after year.


"I have experienced first hand the remarkable effects of Mariko’s amazing coaching process. She has helped me shift my paradigms and obtain more understanding on goal achievement and having the desired life I so deserve! Thank you Mariko for your guidance, I appreciate you and your heart to see others succeed in living their dreams."

Linda Oliver

"Mariko is not only a phenomenal coach, but truly a wonderful lady and beautiful soul. She is helping me to quantum leap my growth in all areas of my life - finance, career, health, happiness, spiritual, and relationships - everything! The most exciting thing is that this is JUST the beginning... I have been guided by Mariko since September 2018, and it astonishes me how much development and growth I've already experienced. I am so so grateful that I was introduced to Mariko, and highly recommend if you want to experience serious growth and live the life of your dreams!"

Marcus Edge

"I decided so join Thinking Into Results with Mariko with the purpose to grow my business, however the growth within me took me by surprise! And it keeps taking me by surprise... I'm so happy I have Mariko as my mentor because her approach to coaching is just phenomenal. The people I have met through her are a true blessing in my life!"

Meylin Orellana

"Mariko has changed my life and for that I am so happy and grateful! She has been one of the best things that has happened to me in 2019. She has kept her promise and given me a "kick up the ass", haha."

Jackie Watson

"Mariko, thank you for being a thoughtful soul. The help and guidance you have shown me is a beautiful gift that you share with me and many. I look forward to our journey in the years ahead, and your words of encouragement are timely for where my life is right now. The magic happens in the unknown."

Col Barrow

"Mariko, thank you for being my source of light when my world is cloudy and gloomy. My confidence and belief in myself has increased hugely and it wouldn't have happened so quickly without you."

Sarah Tagliavini

"Mariko, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to realise the true purpose of my life. You are an amazing person and you never fail to be there for us, no matter what."

Jayram Avinash

"Mariko you are such a funny, caring, whole-hearted human - thank you for being you. The gifts you have given me to grow, discover, and search have been so powerful. You truly care for and love every one of your clients. It is a blessing to have you in my life."

Kameil Rozumniak

"Mariko is simply an angel of love and light. She has wrapper her loving angel wings around me in some of my darkest hours and has simply held a safe, loving space for me. Thank you divine soul."

Shay Bloxham

"Mariko has given me optimism and hope to move on from my first major breakup. Her beliefs and positive energy struck a real cord with me."

Darryl Verma

"I'm so grateful for being led to Mariko! I'm pretty new here but she's already budging me in the right direction - tweaking my thoughts for success. I see pure joy in her spirit as she lives her passion. Thank you for searching, finding and acting on your passion. Thank you for your wisdom and your open heart."

Tara Boyer Buzzard

"Mariko, you have the most genuine, open heart. I am so grateful for our coffee chats. You listen to understand. You truly care. You are a loving and inspiring coach. "

Carolyn Jung Dunlop

"People show up, things just start to happen...[book the call] just do it!" 👉🏼Sarah went from under less than 25% enrollment and emotional/physical burnout to ✅ fully booked registrations to 2022, hiring VAs to keep up with the constant flow of inbound inquiries! 📺A new TV Channel on ROKU! ✨Organizations approaching her business for a joint venture! 🏔Opportunities unfolding to take her vision to the next level of empowering children and families with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to live, learn, and thrive...naturally!"

Client - Kiseki Institute

"Your Guidance Is Impeccable." - 👉🏼 Velislava collapsed the time it takes to scale her sales business by doing in a month what one would expect to take years! ✅ She reached her 💎 leadership goal in record time, and has set new ones! 


Client - Kiseki Institute

"I came across Mariko and started to learn fast and in such a positive way!" 👉🏼 Michael transformed his self-image, broke through the terror barrier, and 10xed his business in under 6 months! Not only that the personal wins are profound, and abundance is showing up massively! 🤩"

Client - Kiseki Institute

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